What’s in a Name?

In preparation to attend a business development peer group meeting last week in Winston Salem, I was reviewing the names of the print service provider companies who would have owners present.
The nine companies are diverse talents, as evidenced by the adjectives in the names of the organizations: communications, direct marketing, branding, innovative, solutions, marketing solutions, group, and think to ink. Wow! Our company, Stafford Printing, was the only one to retain printing in its name.
Why haven’t we morphed into something new and sexy? Because at the end of the day, we put some form of ink on some form of paper. And while we do much more than that, it’s our core, and I’ve always believed that your company name should reflect your primary competency.
Now I know I’ll get pushback, especially when I share this blog post with my fellow owners who sat through the day and a half discussion. But I’m going to persist. Stafford Printing wants to be the company you think of when you want or need to communicate with your customers . . . via print, but we’re also able to support you when the best means may be digital.
In closing . . . the printing industry is being downsized – not in its employment, but in the number of well-run organizations – and Stafford Printing intends to be the company you can look to for guidance and leadership in growing your company. We exist only to help your economic well-being!

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