Unique Printing Ideas


As 2019 gets under way, I want to share three unique printing ideas with you. All three touch on different areas of your work life.

First, for in the office. Sometimes your door is shut because you want quiet. Is it sending the wrong message to co-workers? Stafford Printing developed a solution. Much like hotels have do not disturb cards, SP created a Busy/Available door hanger. So even when my door is shut, if the hanger says available, people are free to walk in. Of course, busy means busy! Some clients have taken this to a different level – Go Away/Come In; Leave Me Alone/Please See Me. You get the point.

Second, for reaching out to customers. Instead of the traditional letter and card, we utilize the “Star” letter. It’s a card die cut in the shape of the star that folds to a business envelope. Instead of two sheets paper, we use one. We write our message on the inside, fold up four sides, and attach a die cut label. It’s a perfect way to communicate with your clients and the ability to use different designs is a great way to make sure your client is opening the letter and seeing your message. You are standing out!

Third, personalized pocket folders for your prospects. If you’re delivering a proposal to an organization, how better to present yourself and your company than with a personalized pocket folder. The variable can be anywhere. For example, if you’re presenting to a department, each employee can receive the proposal in a folder with their name on the cover. The extra effort in doing this will more than likely keep the folder front and center because it has the person’s name on it.

These three products are all produced in house at Stafford Printing for our own use, but we’re happy to adapt them if they may be useful in your company as you touch base with your customers or seek out new clients.

We have pdf’s for all of these…you can download them here:

Get the door hanger die-lines here

Get the star letter die-lines here

Get the mini pocket folder die-lines here

Available Die-Cut door hanger
Busy Die-Cut door hanger
Star Mailer
Pocket folder