Why the Visual Aspects of Your Business Are So Important

Business owners have a lot on their minds. There are so many moving parts to running a successful business, that often the more creative aspects get put on the back burner. It’s important to remember, though, that creativity can actually help move your business forward in several crucial ways.

Branding is the glue that holds everything together. When was the last time you looked at your logo with a critical eye? Your logo is the company brand and is usually the first visual that pops into your head when thinking of a company. Stafford Printing’s swirling O in Stafford and the arc that wraps from the R in Printing to the swirl is memorable. Customers often comment about our logo and it has remained in place for over 25 years. Owner Howard Owen commented that the swirl represents the energy of the employees at SP because it can get crazy manufacturing orders on a moment’s notice!

A consistent branding strategy is essential for any business, and although that includes a wide range of things like establishing company tone and messaging, the visual features of branding should never be underestimated. Think about how many brands you can recognize simply by their logo or font – how things look really does make a difference to how memorable your company is.

A strong visual impact brings in customers. In most cases, the first contact a customer has with a business is something they see: an advertisement, a website, or maybe even a product in its packaging. First impressions matter, so you want that initial contact to have as great an impact as possible. Like it or not, looks are important in this regard – after all, most people buy wine based on which label they like best, and consumers will naturally be drawn toward companies that have clearly put some thought into their graphic design strategy.

Simply put, people enjoy things more if they’re pleasing to the eye. Have you ever received a stunningly beautiful invitation to an event, or flipped through a luxury product brochure that was really high quality and well-designed? There’s something undeniably satisfying about the experience. So whether you’re trying to court new business, create something fun for the people in your office, or announce a new and exciting development, it’s always going to be more enjoyable for everyone if it looks great.

Creativity and passion go hand-in-hand. Sure, there are a lot of important parts of a business that aren’t particularly glamorous – crunching numbers, making business plans, and organizing all the legal paperwork. What makes it all worth it, though, is the first time you see your newly-designed logo printed on your business cards, or the name of your business displayed across a huge sign. it’s a feeling like none other, and that sort of motivation can really drive you to remember why you wanted to go into business in the first place.

Don’t let the visual components of your business be an afterthought – work with a skilled designer and a quality printing service, and make sure you get all the great-looking materials that your business and its customers deserve to have.