We’re Busy Making Memories This Summer

Students may not have had a traditional graduation this year, but they did make memories!  We printed a banner of every graduate at Stafford High School with their picture and they were hung from a fence at the school. Did you know we have personalized banners and yard signs for other occasions too? You can see them here.

Did you know we have a die-cutter? Think-cool shapes, greeting cards, boxes, and package design.

Visit Fred printed these uniquely awesome die-cut masks as a tourist attraction!  Support your local businesses – they need support now more than ever.

Check this video out to see how die-cut projects are created in house!

Hola Amigo is a Spanish Subscription Box Club for kids.  What a cool idea. We printed these colorful booklets for them earlier this month.

We have new products and services available! See what’s currently available at Stafford Printing, and let us help you make your next project a reality.

Three Keys to a Successful Nonprofit Fund Appeal

Almost everybody has a story of exasperation with fundraisers. It can either be from the perspective of an organization struggling to collect donations, or from the standpoint of receiving repeated requests to give. There is donor fatigue as fundraising appeals grow every year. Maybe it’s a stretch to say that anyone really enjoys the fundraising process, but people genuinely do want to help, and if you go about your fund appeal in the right way, you can not only get more repeat donations, but more first-time donors, as well.

The most important aspect of making a good fund appeal is to create a compelling narrative. People like stories that will touch them, and emotional connections are what lead to larger and more frequent donations. You can’t just use the same tired appeal script over and over – although it seems like less work in the short term, people will learn to tune it out, like any repetitive advertising. Instead, explain the problem that your organization aims to tackle, tell real and recent stories of people who are affected by this problem, and let that drive your fund appeal forward.

You also want to make sure that you keep your messaging and donation process simple and clear. Sure, there are probably hundreds of things that your organization needs, and just as many ways that people could help out with those things, but the main issue right now is that you want people to donate, so don’t bore them with a lot of irrelevant complications. As we discussed before, one of your main goals in any venture should be to make things as convenient as possible, so remove as much friction as you can for your donors. Prepopulate the donor card with whatever information you have available, for example the donor’s name and address. You can also take the guesswork out of deciding on an amount by mentioning that the donor gave $X last year, and suggesting that the donation could be increased to $Y this year. When it comes to asking for money, keep it straightforward, simple, and transparent.

Lastly, don’t overlook the design of your fund appeal materials. We all know that how things look matters, so don’t leave this as an afterthought. Strong branding and imagery may feel like blatant marketing tactics, but that is in fact the boat you’re in – you have a message that needs to reach people, and it needs to penetrate the wall of thousands of other marketing messages that people are bombarded with every day. How does your design stand out from the rest? You can achieve a lot with the right choices of text, paper, and incorporating the use of die-cutting. If your appeal has a strong visual component, reflected in good design and image choices, you’ll have a lot better chance of your signal sounding out clearly above the rest of the noise.

It can be tricky to find the perfect equilibrium with a fund appeal – don’t hesitate to ask us if you need help moving in the right direction.

Unique Printing Ideas


As 2019 gets under way, I want to share three unique printing ideas with you. All three touch on different areas of your work life.

First, for in the office. Sometimes your door is shut because you want quiet. Is it sending the wrong message to co-workers? Stafford Printing developed a solution. Much like hotels have do not disturb cards, SP created a Busy/Available door hanger. So even when my door is shut, if the hanger says available, people are free to walk in. Of course, busy means busy! Some clients have taken this to a different level – Go Away/Come In; Leave Me Alone/Please See Me. You get the point.

Second, for reaching out to customers. Instead of the traditional letter and card, we utilize the “Star” letter. It’s a card die cut in the shape of the star that folds to a business envelope. Instead of two sheets paper, we use one. We write our message on the inside, fold up four sides, and attach a die cut label. It’s a perfect way to communicate with your clients and the ability to use different designs is a great way to make sure your client is opening the letter and seeing your message. You are standing out!

Third, personalized pocket folders for your prospects. If you’re delivering a proposal to an organization, how better to present yourself and your company than with a personalized pocket folder. The variable can be anywhere. For example, if you’re presenting to a department, each employee can receive the proposal in a folder with their name on the cover. The extra effort in doing this will more than likely keep the folder front and center because it has the person’s name on it.

These three products are all produced in house at Stafford Printing for our own use, but we’re happy to adapt them if they may be useful in your company as you touch base with your customers or seek out new clients.

We have pdf’s for all of these…you can download them here:

Get the door hanger die-lines here

Get the star letter die-lines here

Get the mini pocket folder die-lines here

Available Die-Cut door hanger
Busy Die-Cut door hanger
Star Mailer
Pocket folder